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To have a desired smile, many people often choose to make cosmetic porcelain teeth. To ensure the beauty and safety of teeth, the extremely important factor is to find a reputable and beautiful dental dental address, a doctor who makes beautiful and conscientious porcelain teeth.  Now that Dental appears more and more, choosing a place to trust enough to send smiles takes time. In this article, we would like to send to you the Dental brand which has been positioned for more than 20 years in the market – address of porcelain crowns Ho Chi Minh is prestigious and is a trusted dental porcelain place for many artists, Viet Kieu and customers nationwide.

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Dai Nam Dental Clinic Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Located at 179 – 181 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Dai Nam Dental is some of the top dentists rated by customers as dental makes beautiful porcelain crowns Ho Chi Minh. In addition to the head office at the address on Dai Nam Dental Clinic, there are more than 30 branches in the provinces and cities nationwide, serving the needs of oral care as well as cosmetic porcelain tooth for hundreds of thousands of customers. To be able to grow and gain such trust, Dai Nam Dental Clinic has achieved many quality criteria as follows:



To create a prestigious dental brand, the most important factor is the skill of the team of Medicine and Doctors. In order to bring treatment results as well as satisfy all customers who come to make cosmetic porcelain teeth, Dai Nam Dental Clinic has been very careful since selecting a team of dentists into the dentist.

  • 100% of doctors are required to have certificates from reputable Medical Universities.
  • 100% of doctors who want to work in the dental field must have a practice certificate provided by the Department of Health.
  • To be able to start making porcelain teeth for customers, all doctors must undergo a special cosmetic eye examination, in order to bring the perfect smile.
  • During working in the Dentistry, 100% of doctors and doctors are allowed to take turns studying and improving skills in developed countries in the field of general dentistry and access to advanced technologies in porcelain crowns such as:  Korea, Germany, USA, France….
  • In addition to the professional factor, the dentist team at Dai Nam Dental Clinic is also specially trained in professional attitudes and manners such as: Dedication in each treatment case, each dental procedure porcelain, ethical and customers health first;  always happy and enthusiastic to advisory customers on all questions in the process of making porcelain teeth and other services.


Thanks to the above, Doctors in Nam are always affirmed by customers and voted to be the best dentist, and other dental services are also rated top. Our dentists strive to be at the forefront of dental knowledge to provide quality treatments for you.

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In the process of examining and treating customers, in addition to the professionalism of doctors, there is also the need for the assistance of the equipment, the more advanced the equipment, the more favorable the treatment process will be and more absolute success. Dai Nam Dental Clinic gives priority to updating the latest equipment during the examination and treatment process for customers such as:

  • Tool sterile machine (Autoclave)
  • Teeth whitening technology with laser
  • Root canal length meter
  • Teeth scraping with ultrasound machine
  • Halogen fillings lamp
  • CT Cone Beam scanner in implants
  • Implant stability meter-Mega ISQ
  • Machine jaw bone expander (Thor & Bone Ex Kit)


Especially for cosmetic porcelain dental services, Dai Nam Dental Clinic strictly follows each dental crown procedure, focusing on preserving the maximum real tooth for customers, Use modern equipment that does not invade your real teeth much and bring long-term aesthetic value and perfect chewing quality.


In many current dentistry porcelain crowns, most dentists do not have a Labo, they use an intermediate Labo to make porcelain teeth.  Particularly at Dai Nam Dental Clinic, there is a Labo designed exclusively for tooth shape, helping to improve the quality of teeth, much faster.

As one of the leading dentistry in ceramic tooth Ho Chi Minh, Labo of Dai Nam Dental Clinic owns the most advanced technology system from European countries such as Germany, UK and USA.  Especially, Labo department at Dai Nam Dental Clinic is constantly improving and upgrading the system of machines and technology to create the best quality teeth in the fastest time.  Respond to the requirements of customers.

cad cam

To create a good quality porcelain tooth and meet aesthetic requirements, technicians at Labo Dai Nam have to perform dozens of steps: Jaw modeling with plaster, sample scan, tooth model design, cut the bones, tooth heating, porcelain, porcelain grinding, create tooth color and gloss effects,… In this process, in addition to the carefulness and meticulousness of the technicians, there must also be the support of modern machinery and equipment.

  • Technology CAD/CAM 
  • Scanner 3Shape D700
  • Cutting machines CAD/CAM : Imes – Icore 350i Pro

With modern design and production process, Dai Nam Dental Clinic Porcelain teeth always meet the standards of hardness, brightness and sophistication. Offering long-term use value and absolute aesthetic value.

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With more than 250 staff in positions in the whole system, Dai Nam Dental Clinic performs rigorous management from professional knowledge to working attitude.  In each position, please go with satisfied visitors. Especially when you have any questions before porcelain crowns, while making porcelain crowns and after making porcelain crowns, customers will be consulted completely and free of charge by a team of specialists. If you have any questions about porcelain crowns or dental health problems, need advice, please call hotline (+84)96 4444 999, Dai Nam Dental Clinic will help you answer all your questions.


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To help customers understand more about porcelain teeth as well as feel secure before having teeth, Dai Nam Dental Clinic offers a free dental consultation program when customers make an appointment in advance. When coming to the Dentistry, the doctor will consider consulting all oral problems, answer the questions customers have, offer good solutions and are suitable with the needs of each customer.

Especially when choosing a porcelain dental service, the doctor will suggest that the customer can choose the color of tooth, the type of tooth and the shape of the porcelain tooth that best match the customer’s face, bringing a full smile. Many customers have problems in their psychology, they fear that their porcelain teeth will be affected, worried that porcelain teeth would affect their health, worry about prices … After coming to the dentist, consulted by the porcelain dentists, they decided to make even two porcelain teeth without any hesitation, of course the results are more than excellent



After making porcelain teeth, in addition to the beautiful, durable, bright white tooth, the warranty for porcelain teeth is always concerned by customers. At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, because the porcelain teeth have a clear origin, the warranty based on the company’s requirements is also very clear and long-term.

Depending on the type of porcelain tooth, there are different warranty periods, but with all-porcelain teeth here are warranted for at least 8 years or more, there are tooth with a warranty of 15 to 20 years. However, you should note that the warranty and usage time are completely different, We choose prestigious dentistry like Dai nam dental clinic, there is a good way to protect the porcelain tooth, even though the warranty period  limited, but the value of using porcelain tooth can be used for a lifetime.


Dentals are selected by many overseas Vietnamese and artists

Due to its prestige and quality, in recent years, Dai Nam Dental Clinic is the porcelain crown ho chi minh that many people look for when there is a need for porcelain crowns.  Especially to include customers from abroad such as: USA, Australia, Canada, France, Spain….  here every day welcomes dozens of customers to do their tooth.  Asked why, when returning to Vietnam, oversea vietnamese often choose Dai Nam as porcelain tooth, most of them said that they were introduced to them by their friends as the most beautiful and quality dentistry in the region and porcelain crown cost good, professional doctor and good service attitude.

Because of these things, after the Viet Kieu finished making porcelain teeth, they continued to introduce them to their relatives and friends. Dai Nam became a top priority when the oversea wanted to return to Vietnam as porcelain tooth. In addition, Dai Nam dental is also chosen by a large number of famous artists as a place to make porcelain crowns, brings a perfect smile when appearing in front of an audience. The faces of artists who make porcelain tooth in Nha Khoa must be mentioned such as: Chi Tai, Ly Hung, Actor Quang Minh, Artist Trung Dan, Artist Hanh Thuy, Artist Mac Can, Actor Mai Son, Actor Ngan Quynh, Singer Khong Tu Quynh, Singer Lam Chan Khang, Actor Phuong Hang, Couple Singer Thu Thuy…. This is also a proud point of Dai Nam Dental System.  Certainly, this number will not stop there, but will increase more and more in the coming time.


Cost is an important factor for customers to choose a porcelain crown or not.  Depending on the type of tooth that the customer chooses and depending on the needs of the customer, the price of porcelain tooth is also different. The cost of porcelain crowns for each customer will have porcelain crown cost for each piece and the cost of original porcelain crowns.  Usually, the case of enameling of each piece is to protect tooth batch of teeth,caries,marrow treatment, while the rest of the customers will choose two-jaw porcelain crowns.

The porcelain crown cost is based entirely on the number of tooth to be crowned and the type of porcelain tooth you choose.  At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, porcelain tooth are priced from 1 million to 12 million VND each, depending on the needs of use, the economy of each customer will be consulted by doctors and experts. To know exactly, you can visit the latest price list of porcelain tooth below to consult the price of ceramic tooth in Ho Chi Minh, from which to consider choosing tooth  porcelain suitable for economic ability.


To grateful customers who have trusted to use dental services at Dai Nam Dental Clinic, there are many special promotion programs for porcelain crowns to help customers save costs. According, when customers book in advance, they will receive a 10% discount on the total service costs.  At the same time, when made from 20 all-porcelain tooth, the discount is up to 20%.  For promotions on porcelain crowns are limited in time and in quantity, please contact Dai Nam Dental Clinic right away to stay with the most preferential porcelain crown cost in Ho Chi Minh City. Many people think that when doing porcelain tooth promotion will not have the normal quality, but with Dai Nam Dental Clinic, that is completely not true. Although you do promote porcelain crowns but the quality and warranty time are still absolutely no different from normal priced tooth.

Dai Nam Dental Clinic regardless of whether the customer has a porcelain tooth in the promotion or not, all must be treated and served equally – in the best condition. If you are in need of porcelain crown Ho Chi Minh, you should quickly come to Dai Nam Nha Khoa for advice and best dental treatment incentives. Please contact (+84)96 4444 999 to get answers to all questions.

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