Everything about Veneer porcelain gluing

In addition to aesthetic porcelain crowns, the Veneer porcelain gluing is also a method to help improve dental defects. However, few people can distinguish between porcelain crowns and porcelain gluing, what is Veneer porcelain tooth structure? When to porcelain gluing? What are the advantages of porcelain gluing? This article will help customers understand more about Veneer porcelain gluing as well as find a reputable address for Dental Veneer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Veneer porcelain gluing is a method of using an ultra-thin porcelain surface from 0.3mm to 0.5mm to stick to the surface of the tooth with many defects such as chipped tooth, yellow tooth to help radiant white tooth. Especially, this is the method of making porcelain teeth without grinding real teeth, which many people choose.


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Because the characteristics of Veneer porcelain teeth are only a thin surface from 0.3 to 0.5 mm, they are constructed entirely of high-grade porcelain, with firm hardness to ensure chewing for users. This porcelain glued surface will be outside the real tooth surface, so your teeth after the Veneer porcelain will consist of 3 real teeth (the inside, and two sides of the tooth) the other side is a thin layer of porcelain.


To have a beautiful smile as desired, many people often choose to veneer porcelain gluing, the following are suitable veneer porcelain cases.

  • Teeth are mildly infected with Tetaxilin
  • Teeth stained with food
  • Congenital yellowing tooth
  • Relatively slightly deviated tooth
  • Short tooth, not suitable for the face
  • Teeth wide, gaping.

The characteristic of veneer porcelain gluing is that the teeth are not small, so that those with relatively uniform teeth, or not too much, not too plump, not too deviant, the veneer porcelain gluing will help your teeth become satisfied. Choosing Veneer porcelain gluing is the choice to change your smile but still preserve 100% of your real teeth.

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Compared with other cosmetic dental methods, Veneer porcelain gluing has many advantages:

Veneer porcelain gluing does not sharpen tooth

Because the porcelain adhesive surface is very thin, only from 0.3mm to 0.5mm, when sticking to the tooth, the doctors do not sharpen the customer’s tooth, but adjust the roughness of the tooth surface and use specialized glue to stick to the tooth. This is the feature that customers like the most, because the fear of tooth grinding has been relieved.

Veneer porcelain gluing does not affect real tooth

The Veneer porcelain surface is glued to the teeth, in addition to the beauty, the porcelain surface also protects the inner teeth, so it does not affect the real teeth of the customer.

Painless veneer porcelain gluing

Because the porcelain gluing does not sharpen the tooth, it does not affect the tooth much, so customers who do this method have absolutely no pain at all. Especially at prestigious dentists like Dai Nam Dental Clinic, the team of doctors is very professional and dedicated, always helping customers feel the most comfortable when they do their teeth. That is why customers feel secure to choose Dai Nam Dental Veneer porcelain.

Veneer porcelain gluing does not take much time

Nowadays, as the technology of dental enamel develops, the time to complete both teeth is very fast. Especially Dai Nam Dental Clinic has its own and exclusive tooth design center, so the time to complete 2 sets of Veneer teeth is assessed as the fastest and most quality in the area. If customers do not have much time, choosing the veneer porcelain gluing in Dai Nam Dental Clinic is a reasonable choice.

Veneer porcelain gluing does not affect chewing

Many people think that making Veneer porcelain teeth will somewhat affect chewing, but that thought is completely wrong.  Because the veneer porcelain surface is very thin, covering only the outside of the tooth, it does not affect the chewing function of customers. Customers can eat and drink as normal as they would with their real tooth.

The main reasons above help the Veneer porcelain gluing method become a fashionable beauty treat people believe to choose.

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The cost of Veneer porcelain gluing is a problem that many people are interested in, at Dai Nam Dental, the price of Veneer porcelain gluing will vary, depending on the type of Veneer chosen by the customer. The average price most suitable today on the market is from 6 million VND/1 standard Veneer porcelain tooth, which will be higher if it is a high-end Veneer.

In particular, glamsmile Veneer cost usually has a higher price than conventional porcelain gluing. GlamSmile veneers are safe, they are thin, they are strong and they are porcelain and doctors don’t have to remove or drill down your healthy teeth. That is why in recent years glamsmile porcelain gluing is much more popular

Many customers wonder why the glued porcelain surface is very thin, costs less material than other porcelain teeth, but the price may be a bit higher than the porcelain crown. And here is the reason:

  • The Veneer porcelain surface is only a very thin layer, so it requires dexterity, meticulousness to the smallest details. If the adhesive surface is not made properly and does not hold the teeth closely, it will reveal many defects.  In general, the veneer faceplate fabricator must be skilled and good.
  • Technology of fabricating Veneer surfaces is the most modern 3D CAD / CAM technology today. Analysis software simulates the image of Veneer porcelain teeth in 3-dimensional space to help standardize the size, thickness to the grooves of the adhesive
  • To have a perfect dental prosthesis case with Veneer porcelain, doctors need to be skilled.  Because the correction tooth rate is very small, accuracy is required, absolutely not over the allowed rate.

Thanks to the strict requirements of the Veneer method of gluing, when choosing Dental Veneer, you do not need to worry about quality and aesthetics. The cost you spend depends on the type of Veneers you choose. The price will go hand in hand with the quality. At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, whichever line of Veneer porcelain you choose, you will have a full warranty, clear origin and quality assurance.


Dai Nam Dental Clinic Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Nowadays, when the demand for cosmetic teeth is higher and higher, the dentistry is born more and more. This makes many customers wonder which dentists should choose for making porcelain crowns or Veneer porcelain gluing. Based on customer reviews, we would like to introduce to everyone Dai Nam Dental System – this is a dental clinic that is rated by customers as the place to make the most beautiful and prestigious Dental Veneer in the area Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Here, not only domestic customers, but also overseas Vietnamese in many countries around the world, and foreign customers also come to Dai Nam Dental Clinic to buy porcelain crowns or Veneer porcelain. This place is trusted by many brothers and sisters such as: Actor Ly Hung, artist Trung Dan, actor Quang Minh, artist Chi Tai, singer Lam Chan Khang, singer Khong Tu Quynh, actor Ngan Quynh, actress Mai Son, actress Vu Ngoc Anh, actress Hanh Thuy. To become a prestigious dentistry chosen by customers as an aesthetic porcelain tooth, Dai Nam Dental Clinic has met many quality criteria.

Dai Nam Dental Clinic has met many quality criteria.

  • The team of talented medical doctors who regularly train abroad.
  • The Dental Clinic is equipped with modern machinery systems imported from the most advanced countries in the world.
  • Have own Labo exclusive, fastest tooth design.
  • Free and professional team of consultants
  • Clean and safe
  • Sincere service attitude.

Thanks to these things, Dai Nam Dental Clinic has become the leading trusted address of domestic and foreign customers when in need of porcelain crowns or Dental Veneer. Quickly book a schedule or contact hotline (+84) 96 4444 999 to get the biggest incentives for porcelain crowns.

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