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Beauty has always been one of our priorities conditions when we conducting treatment for patients. Therefore, the improvement of defective teeth always is something that people are interested.

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Comestic - Restoration

To improve the cosmetic problems for the teeth defects have many methods, suit with each different case, in which restoration with porcelain crowns too familiar not only for professionals but also

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Dental Implant Center - For Your Perfect SmileThe Dentists considered that Implant is the best current denture methods to replace one or more missing tooth. Although it’s only developed a short

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening technology at Dai Nam Dental Clinic Laser whitening at Dai Nam Dental ClinicAt Dai Nam Dental Clinic, Teeth whitening service are made with the most modern technology. With the safe

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Dai Nam Dental System has created a relatively large operation scale with more than 30 branches over our country. With over 10 years experiences in the profession, we always get the treatment result and patient’s satisfaction to the top and we are very proud of the success that we have achieved. Visiting Dai Nam Dental Clinic, you will be tried a professional working enviroment with modern facilities, various services, good prices. Therefore, let us help you figure out the best ways to treat your anxiety problem.

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Images of Customer
  • John Pham – Vietnamese Australians Trước
  • John Pham – Vietnamese Australians Sau
  • John Pham – Vietnamese Australians
  • Status:Tooth loss in upper jaw which causes loss of aesthetic and eat difficultly
  • Service Indications:Restoring by implantation with All on six method
  • Ms. Thao Vy -24 years old- Live in Da Nang city Trước
  • Ms. Thao Vy -24 years old- Live in Da Nang city Sau
  • Ms. Thao Vy -24 years old- Live in Da Nang city
  • Tình trạng:Short-teeth and tooth enamel has stains.
  • Chỉ định dịch vụ:Cercon Porcelain restoration for 2 jaws follow the laugh line.
  • Vo Thi My Sang – Live in Nha Trang city Trước
  • Vo Thi My Sang – Live in Nha Trang city Sau
  • Vo Thi My Sang – Live in Nha Trang city
  • Tình trạng:Teeth grows maleruption, line of occlusion be unbalanced.
  • Chỉ định dịch vụ:Braces with standard metal bracket