Durability of dental implant

Currently, dental implant is the optimal solution as restorative dentistry, especially in the case of loss of one or more teeth, tooth replacement, fixed to the teeth firmly in place and lasting. On the other hand, the cost of dental implants is not cheap, and therefore, the durability of dental implants is particularly important.

Longevity of dental implant

Implant have a lifespan of 20 years Implant have a lifespan of 20 years

Compared with removable dentures, using dental implant have a lifespan of 20-25 years, and even prolong life.

Because the titanium material made dental implant already very famous for reliability, even in some cases, dental implant is durable and higher chewing forces many times more natural teeth.

The reality has proved the durability of dental implants. Scientists said first tooth which is implanted into the patient in 1965, still exists and chew food well. In Vietnam, according to statistical studies, the rate over 10-year existence of the dental implant also reached 98%.

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Conditions make implant permanent

Factors affecting the reliability of dental implants dentistry is the skill of the doctor. So to dental implant can survive healthy for life you should go to the prestigious dental facility, which has a team of skilled professional and doctors have more experience.

Re-examination every 6 months for dental hygiene Re-examination every 6 months for dental hygiene

A simple way that you can do to dental implants can last forever is proper dental care by dental hygiene everyday.

Re-examination every 6 months for dental hygiene, inspection and adjustment implant bite, chewing forces on the implant if necessary.

he durable of implant depends very much on your choice, find out information through relatives and friends to come to the prestigious dental implant.

Reference: The overview of the implant

The cost of Implant at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

The prices of implant will depend on the type of implant you use originating from, what kind of brand and porcelain crowns you use.

With long experience in serving customers oral health, Dai Nam Dental Clinic always put quality treatment and patient satisfaction to the top.

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