The overview of the implant

To get a beautiful smile, the great teeth owns is an indispensable factor, but because of some accidents that cause you to lose your teeth, thereby becoming less confident in communication. Then with the current dental technology, the implant will be an optimal solution to help you find your confidence that you used to have.

The benefit of Implant

Beautiful smile after Implant Beautiful smile after Implant

Implant is one of the best restoration method that many patients preferred to fully restore missing teeth. Implants are usually made from durable alloy titanium and is implanted directly into the patient’s bone to be a good foundation to put the teeth porcelain above.

Dental implants have many advantages such as new teeth have natural color without being modified over time, improve oral health and pronunciations. During the implementation process completely ignored teeth grinding so it not affect the neighboring teeth.

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People can not do implant

fw Pregnant need checking carefully before implant

The following objects can affect the implant:

  • Patient with high blood pressure, diabetes, need to get the permission of dentist to performing implants.
  • Pregnant, children are growing with unstable jawbone, absolutely not done.
  • Smokers also influence to the process of implant. Therefore, they need to stop using cigarette before and after the implementation of implant.

The Prices of Implant at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Depending on the type of Implant and kind of porcelain dental that patient choose to do, because each type of material has longevity and various function.

With long experience in serving customers oral health, Dai Nam Dental Clinic always put quality treatment and patient satisfaction to the top.

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