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To improve the cosmetic problems for the teeth defects have many methods, suit with each different case, in which restoration with porcelain crowns too familiar not only for professionals but also for everyone. Dai Nam Dental Clinic always want to be with you to improve your oral health.

How are the Crowns done?

Porcelain Crowns are made by putting a crown to complete and regeneration the perfect teeth with dental system.

Tooth grinding techniques is the first step required, then a crown is designed in the shape of the teeth of each patient will be placed on top and fixed with special glue.

Once completed, a tooth crowns standards will completely close fit with the grinded teeth and have the shaped, natural color like natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns are made by putting a crown to complete and regeneration the perfect teeth with dental system Porcelain crowns are made by putting a crown to complete and regeneration the perfect teeth with dental system

Why Is a Dental Crown Needed?

A dental Crown will be necessary in the following situations:

  • Teeth wih ugly shape: too small or too large, slanting teeth, slightly skewed, not in the right direction.
  • Teeth are slightly underbite or overbite.
  • Sparse teeth: every teeth do not touch to each other.
  • Severely discolored teeth.
  • Tooth is done root canal work need to be protect.
  • Tooth that has been severely worn down.

However, patients with a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure,…should consult with your dentist about this issue before making a crown dental to ensure safe and efficient as possible.

More beautiful teeth, more attractive More beautiful teeth, more attractive

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Optimal benefits

  • Improve the aesthetics of the teeth.
  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth.
  • Protect the teeth at high risk for tooth decay, complete the bite to help the chewing and eating problems are not affected.
  • Limit the formation of bacteria when broken tooth structure caused other oral diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis …
  • Help the daily oral hygiene more convenient.

Reference: Fillings

The Type Of Dental Porcelain

Porcelain – metal

Titanium porcelain crowns Titanium porcelain crowns

Made of an alloy of chromium, titanium and the outside is covered with a layer of enamel with colors coincide with reality. Have a good bearing capacity, but easily oxidized as tooth staining. Typically American dental porcelain, titanium porcelain teeth, …

Porcelain – precious metal

Precious metal porcelain crowns Precious metal porcelain crowns

This Crown is made of Au-Pt alloys and ceramic coated outer layer. High aesthetics and good biological compatibility, however the cost is expensive and requires dentists to have expertise.

All Porcelain

All Porcelain crowms All Porcelain crowms

This is the kind of teeth are highest rated about efficiency and aesthetic standards with structure entirely from blocks of pure ceramic material.

Good durable, but require a higher technical level achieved. Typically: Teeth Cercon, dental porcelain Venus, Crystal Zirconia dental porcelain, ceramic Emax teeth, dental porcelain veneer,…

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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

With teeth using both technical standards and materials, reliability can be maintained from 8-15 years.

The majority of current types of dental materials are imported from abroad, as well as modern manufacturing technology from the company’s reputation as the US, Switzerland, Germany,…

In addition, a porcelain tooth care regime and use of porcelain dental habits can further extend the life of a porcelain tooth reaches its maximum.

Dental Care to effective

Clean hygiene is the golden rule to protect teeth from the effects of harmful bacteria by brushing regularly, perfect combination with dental floss and mouthwash.

Healthy diet, limiting carbonated drinks and acidic because it makes the surface of the teeth is corroded.

Added to the daily menu of vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals to make the gums strong.

Also, be careful when using hard chewy foods to avoid too strong impacted that teeth will break, chip or fall crowns.

Re-examination periodically to check and ensure that the situation is still in good use.

Cosmetic porcelain teeth for your beautiful smile Cosmetic porcelain teeth for your beautiful smile

Why Dai Nam Dental Clinic is the perfect choice for porcelain dental restorations?

With the investment in infrastructure for a modern clinic, with the best facilities for our customers.

Dai Nam always at the forefront of technology and new treatments, constantly learning from the world’s developing countries.

All dentists are highly skilled professionals, experienced, has made a lot of cases are dental porcelain with quality standards.

Owning Labo porcelain teeth with a team have a good professional technicians, producing perfect teeth both in material, shape, color and fabrication technology.

The process of care for patients are applications the high-tech with Cone Beam CT scanner, in order to achieve a best treatment results.

Dentists always been listening to the concerns and wishes of the patient, from which consult to take place the dental porcelain process fully, easily and quickly.

Dai Nam always at the forefront of technology and new treatments, constantly learning from the world's developing countries. Dai Nam always at the forefront of technology and new treatments, constantly learning from the world’s developing countries.

How Much Do Crowns Cost?

With the application of modern achievements in the process of dental porcelain, but Dai Nam Dental Clinic always ensure a fair price for the patient.

Composite Denture 15 – 20 USD/ Unit
Porcelain Denture 25 USD/ Unit
Normal Removable Denture 90 USD/ Unit
Titanium Removable Denture 130 USD/ Unit
USA 45 – 65 USD/ Tooth
Titan 90 – 110 USD/ Tooth
Zerconia Crystal 175 USD/ Tooth
Venus 220 USD/ Tooth
Cercon 220 USD/ Tooth
Vita 220 USD/ Tooth
Emax 250 – 300 USD/ Tooth
Veneer 300 – 350 USD/ Tooth
Cercon Heat (Cercon HT) 250 USD/ Tooth
Gold 520 USD/ Tooth
Normal Post 20 USD/ Tooth
Titan Post 35 USD/ Tooth
Titan & Porcelain Post 45 USD/ Tooth
Cercon Post 175 USD/ Tooth
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