Fillings is a common method of dental treatment, helps restore and regenerate the structure of damaged teeth. Moreover, also gives you the aesthetic beauty in a natural way without going through the complicated process painless. At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, with a team of experienced and prestige doctors, will accompany with you to find your confidence shining smile.

Fillings is a common method of dental treatment Fillings is a common method of dental treatment

The case needs fillings

Caries with small deep hole, not too serious and pulp still in good condition. Additional the composite material to restore the defect, help the situation not becomes more serious.

Caries with small deep hole, not too serious and pulp still in good condition Caries with small deep hole, not too serious and pulp still in good condition

Sparse teeth, crevice, teeth chipped, physiological function remained normal. Providing dental enamel on places missing to restore teeth structure, help to complete the tooth in tissue and patient improve the aesthetic problem for their teeth.

In some cases, though the tooth is still stable, it should be fillings to prevent tooth decay for both adults and children, avoid the situation worse happens because prevention is better than cure. The dentist will use a thin layer of enamel to cover the whole tooth to restrict affected by acids, chewing force, temperature, … Also help shiny teeth and hides the yellowing teeth, dull.

Reference: Gingivitis & Periodontal

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Dental filling materials


Amalgam fillings Amalgam fillings

This type of material is used for a long time, the element of metal compounds such as mercury, silver, zinc, copper,…

Advantage: This material is cheap, easy to use, extremely good bearing capacity and should be used for the teeth have to chew strong.

Disadvantage: Due to silver-gray so aesthetic is not high, easy to make patient feel shy in daily communication, so often used in chew teeth in order to avoid people pay attention. Also, when eating hot or cold food will cause sensitive teeth, this feeling quite uncomfortable.


Composite fillings Composite fillings

The new material appears to be the dentist recently preferred to use, in our country, also known as cosmetic fillings.

Advantage:  this material is extremely high aesthetic, match the color of natural teeth so look physically and impossible to know you are filling.

Disadvantage: The strength and corrosion still loster than Amalgam, and the cost is quite high but the possibilities are limited. Dentists are trying to improve this material so that it can stand confident in this technology fillings.

How much fillings costs  is reasonable?

Depending on the status of different causes so the price of this service will vary. Because fillings just is a technical created aesthetics and relatively simple, so the cost is also quite soft. At the Dai Nam Dental Clinic, basically, the price is listed as follows:

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