Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening technology at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Laser whitening at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, Teeth whitening service are made with the most modern technology. With the safe  teeth’s whitening service from US, you will really feel comfortable and secure during teeth whitening progess. You can choose bleaching at the dentist’s office or at home.

  • Bleaching at the dentist’s office: This is the method help you regain the perfect beauty of teeth without causing pain and the risk of harm to your teeth. Your teeth will be brightened quickly and  maintain white teeth longer.
  • Bleaching at home: You will be provided a teeth whitening tray, medicine and teeth whitening stickers. However, the implementation should be monitored regularly by the dentist to be able to achieve optimum efficiency.

Teeth whitening chemicals are harmless, no side effects, no irritation.

Before and After making Teeth whitening Before and After making Teeth whitening

Reference: Surprise with the benefits of teeth whitening

When do you need to make teeth whitening?

  • Big culprits are tobacco, either smoked or chewed, and foods containing tannins such as red wine, coffee and tea.
  • The most common situation is laque build up long days without being cleaned.
  • Exposure to excessive fluoride or the antibiotic tetracycline during tooth-formation.
  • The effects of tobacco, toxic chemicals stain your teeth.

Tobacco is one of factors causing teeth staining Tobacco is one of factors causing teeth staining

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