Porcelain Veneer

Along with the growth of the industry Dental is the advent of new technologies and modern materials to meet the needs of society. The growing number of people actively looking to the dental office today to improve the aesthetics of the teeth is understandable, while previously just go when required the intervention of the dentist to treat the disease oral.

Porcelain veneer Porcelain veneer

The contribution of porcelain veneer method in this sector is extremely important, from which the introduction of ceramic material more and more diversified. However, porcelain veneer now is a totally new approach, overcoming the disadvantage of other traditional method.

Features of Porcelain Veneer

Veneer Porcelain have a thin texture Veneer Porcelain have a thin texture

Exactly, Veneer porcelain is not a crowns, this is the veneer in outside that are designed by modern 3D technology.

Veneer Porcelain have a thin texture, about 0.6mm, is composed of a pure ceramic Lithium Desilicate or Zirconium.

Porcelain veneers are applied restorations by the most advanced techniques. Every Veneer have a true shape that sketched before, ensured reliability, as solid as desired.

Reference: Porcelain Cercon HT – The optimal choice

The advantages of porcelain veneer

Have the high aesthetics and the shine like natural teeth.

Just grinding at a level very few so not affect the tooth structure, can preserve natural teeth.

Teeth have no sensitivity both during and after the implementation process that paste the porcelain pieces on tooth.

The material completely benign, does not irritate the gums.

The chewing problem is done normally as natural teeth without having to worry about the Veneer will fall off.

If it have a good care, the porcelain veneer can maintain long term.

Just grinding at a level very few so not affect the tooth structure Just grinding at a level very few so not affect the tooth structure

The cost of Porcelain Veneer at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Porcelain Veneer Tooth priced higher average level of other types of porcelain teeth.

At the Dai Nam Dental Clinic, porcelain veneer teeth price ranges between 300 – 350 USD/ Tooth  and are warranted for 10 years.

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