Cases need to get Braces

In society today, communication is an extremely important factor for everyone. A confident communication style can succeed in work and life. And a beautiful smile that will help you feel more motivated.

However, there are someone do not get a good teeth has caused a lot of obstacles. Therefore, braces appear as a savior, orthodontic work as expected. So, what the circumstances need to get braces to be effective.


Overbite Overbite

The upper protruding with the lower, this is the most common cases.

The upper stuck out the front too much, cause the wrong bite, affect the aesthetics of the face and chewing activity.


Underbite Underbite

The lower protruding with the upper too much.

When shut the mouth, the lower will cover the upper teeth, makes us feel like chin skewed.

Reference: Invisalign

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Messy Teeth

Messy Teeth Messy Teeth

Teeth place in a wrong position, not neatly on bone.

Previously, this situation should extractions but with the method braces, teeth order can be sorted quickly.

Sparse teeth, snaggle-toothed or gummy smile

With every situation, braces are the most suitable techniques to overcome without invasive to the tooth structure.

Why we have to get Braces?

Restrictions of the outstanding food, preventing the growth of bacteria.

Prevention of periodontal disease such as bad breath, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis,…

Occlusal balance between upper and lower jaw.

Easy to oral hygiene.

Helps correct pronunciation and clearer.

Easy to oral hygiene Easy to oral hygiene

The cost of Braces at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

There are many different types of braces, with the advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, depending on the efficiency it brings, will apply a different rate.

Metal Case 540 – 700 USD/ Arch
Metal Self-Ligating braces 600 – 740 USD/ Arch
Ceramic Braces 700 – 830 USD/ Arch
Self-Ligating Ceramic Braces 800 – 1100 USD/ Arch
Lingual Braces 2400 – 3300 USD/ Arch
Invisalign 2200 – 2600 USD/ Arch
Removable Retainer 65 – 90 USD/ Arch
Fixed Retainer 65 – 90 USD/ Arch
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