Terms and Conditions

1. Introducing

Dai Nam Dental Clinic specializes in providing dental services via website dainamdental.com

2. Provisions on customers

Subjects customers of dainamdental.com are individuals, organizations, units and companies in the country and abroad.

3. Efficiency

These Terms and Conditions shall be applied to all services we provided. The customer agreed to use service, it also has accepted to be bound by these Terms and the Conditions that we offer.

4. How to register services

You can register to use services through the information provided on website dainamdentam.com or directly visit the dentist for free examination and advice.

5. Using services

  • You will be examined and  advised for free about dental health and treatments.
  • We will arrange an appointment and the most convenient branch for customers.
  • You will be treated with safe and properly technical method.
  • You can test and evaluate satisfaction with treatment results. After completing treatment, if there is any risk not belong to us, the incurred damages, we will not be responsible.
  • After treatment, the dentist will teach you how to care for teeth and reminding schedule regular visits.

6. The choosing rights

  • You will receive full information about the dental status, results, risks that may occur during the treatment process to make decisions choosing.
  • Choosing the doctor to perform the treatment.
  • You will be provided about pricing information and explain details of expenditures on bill.
  • Customers can refuse to continue treatment when the process has not ended but have to committed to bear all the responsibility involved.
  • Refuse a test, use of drugs but have to committed to bear the responsibility in writing, unless otherwise specified in Clause 1 of Article 66 of the examination and treatment law.

7. Patient’s rights

  • For cases where patients lose their civil act capacity, no capacity for civil acts, limited capacity for civil acts or underage adolescents (less than 18 year old), the representative patient’s legal will be decided every medical examination and treatment.
  • For emergencies, without the lawful representative of the patient, to protect the lives and health of the patient, the head of medical facility will provide treatment decisions.
  • Patients are respected honor, protect the health of examination and treatment.

8. The cases are beyond our control

  • Dental will not assume any responsibility for the case of customer teeth cracked, broken, tank due to the reasons such as falling or intervention of other dentistry.
  • We will not be responsible for cases of self-terminate and discontinue treatment.

9. Privacy customer’s information policy

  • When you visit this website or contact the Hotline of Dentistry, we have the right to use any personal information that you provided.
  • Dai Nam Dental Clinic has the right to change and modify this privacy policy any time.  
  • Personal information of our customers will be managed according to the privacy policy.
  • Customers access the website when edited the privacy policy that means you have accepted the new privacy policy.
  • Dai Nam Dental is committed to respecting and protecting all personal information of customers.
  • This privacy policy involves the entire online data on the site of the Dai Nam Dental. Collecting and using personal data of customers are in accordance with law.

10. Changes in the Terms and Conditions

Dai Nam Dental has  right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. All amendments will be updated soon on the website. Therefore, the customer continues to use website dainamdental.com must accepted the new Terms and Conditions.

Dai Nam Dental Clinic:
Head office: 179 – 181 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotlines: (08) 3925 2627 – (08) 3925 6666 – 0964 444 999

  • Dai Nam Hospital - Oral care centers better
  • 179-181 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dis1, HCM
  • Hotline: (+84)964 444 999 - 1900 2879
  • Mon–Sat: 8.00–8:00 / Sun: 8.00–6:00
  • Email: info@benhviendainam.vn
  • More 32 branches tại đây..

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