Porcelain Vita

Learning about all kinds of porcelain tooth is fully necessary work before doing porcelain Crown to be able to consider your options for the most appropriate type. There have been many inquiries concerning with porcelain Vita. But there is little basis Dental mention to this type because it is not popular with all kinds of other porcelain teeth. Dai Nam Dental Clinic will help you relieve inquires by the knowledge information below.

Porcelain Vita Porcelain Vita

Characteristics of dental porcelain Vita

The Porcelain Vita is one of the non-metal porcelain teeth line first in Germany, that is made from a ceramic powder VKM, this powder be the company Vita – the German research and development, into the European market in 1962.

Porcelain Vita have the inner frame and chassis from pure ceramic crucible can withstand forces up to 360-400 MPa.

Porcelain Vita can withstand forces up to 360-400 MPa Porcelain Vita can withstand forces up to 360-400 MPa

At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, the Vita dental restorations apply 5D CT technology and engineering CAD / CAM data analysis best tooth structure. So these teeth can meet all standards to promote its inherent ability.

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The advantages of Porcelain Vita

Achieve the demand for maximum aesthetic, bright whiteness equivalent natural teeth.

Solid materials, ensuring reliability during chewing without fear of falling porcelain crowns.

Completely benign, does not irritate the gum tissue.

Contains no metal components and not make black gum line over time, can be long-term use.

Fracture and abrasion resistance hight.

Porcelain Vita does not irritate the gum tissue Porcelain Vita does not irritate the gum tissue

Reference: Porcelain Emax

Who can make the porcelain Vita?

Vita porcelain is capable of better prosthetic teeth problem as underbite or overbite slightly and lug teeth effectively.

Improve yellowed teeth, Tetracycline stained that irreparable by teeth whitening method.

In addition, there is the problem tooth is chipped, broken, cracked or small arrays or the shape do not look nice.

Vita porcelain potentially better improve yellowed teeth Vita porcelain potentially better improve yellowed teeth

The cost porcelain Vita at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

The cost of treating porcelain depends on the number and type of teeth need to treatment that the patient chose, with porcelain Vita, at Dai Nam Dental Clinic priced  220 USD/ Tooth  and be warranted up to 10 years.

Alternatively, you can refer to the price of other types of porcelain teeth below:

Composite Denture 15 – 20 USD/ Unit
Porcelain Denture 25 USD/ Unit
Normal Removable Denture 90 USD/ Unit
Titanium Removable Denture 130 USD/ Unit
USA 45 – 65 USD/ Tooth
Titan 90 – 110 USD/ Tooth
Zerconia Crystal 175 USD/ Tooth
Venus 220 USD/ Tooth
Cercon 220 USD/ Tooth
Vita 220 USD/ Tooth
Emax 250 – 300 USD/ Tooth
Veneer 300 – 350 USD/ Tooth
Cercon Heat (Cercon HT) 250 USD/ Tooth
Gold 520 USD/ Tooth
Normal Post 20 USD/ Tooth
Titan Post 35 USD/ Tooth
Titan & Porcelain Post 45 USD/ Tooth
Cercon Post 175 USD/ Tooth
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