Porcelain USA

In the previous period, the patient just go to the dental clinic for the treatment of common oral diseases, when dental problems affect chewing activity.

Recent trends, people seek more dental office, with beauty needs of their teeth. Most dental facilities are also porcelain dental services, these are technical and basic dental restorations, can improve the lot of different dental status.

The structure of Porcelain USA

Porcelain USA Porcelain USA

The Porcelain USA is the kind of traditional metal porcelain teeth, apply a very long time.

With the layer structure inside the from Cr-Co alloys, ceramic coated Ceramco3 outside.

These are all high quality materials and ensure safety.

The advantages of Porcelain USA

It have certainly structural, high strength, when chewing is not afraid broken porcelain teeth.

Flexible movement, supple like natural teeth.

The color and shape similar to natural teeth, with high aesthetic effect.

Relatively cheap price.

The color and shape similar to natural teeth The color and shape similar to natural teeth

Reference: Porcelain Titan

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The limitations of Porcelain USA

Because it’s made of metal components so after a long time of use will oxidized and cause the black gum line.

There are some people who are allergic to metal, irritate the gums and surrounding tissues.

When the optical projector, will clearly see the black.

On the advice of the dentist, we should use Porcelain USA for the chewing teeth inside , due to high strength and less aesthetic factors.

Porcelain USA irritate the gums and surrounding tissues Porcelain USA irritate the gums and surrounding tissues

The cost of Porcelain USA at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

The Porcelain Metal as Porcelain USA is relatively cheap, consistent with the low-income subjects., about 45 – 65 USD/ Tooth. You should go to Dai Nam Dental Clinic to get advice for your dental condition and Dentists guidance select the most suitable type of porcelain teeth.

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