Porcelain Titan

Porcelain dental work is the common methods of technology comprehensive dental restorations. Everyone has the right to choose their own type of porcelain teeth fit to their condition to conduct themselves porcelain to fix the defects of teeth.

Each type of porcelain teeth has advantages and disadvantages, should learn carefully before making a decision. This article will tell you about porcelain Titan, the traditional kind since the early days of the porcelain methods.

Characteristics of Porcelain Titan

Porcelain Titan Porcelain Titan

Titan is the kind of porcelain dental metal, made from nickel-chromium alloy-titanium and surrounded outside by the layer of ceramic CERAMCO 3 to ensure aesthetic.

Titanium account for the bulk of this alloys,  that hard to make, light and highly resistant to corrosion.

At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, each porcelain tooth is created by a professional team of laboratories, was designed by the correct standard with technology 5D CT, launched the Porcelain Titan achieved technical and true to outline the shape of dentists from the patient’s teeth marks.

Why you should choose the Porcelain Titan?

Durability comparable to natural teeth Durability comparable to natural teeth

This kind of tooth have the shape, color and structure as a real tooth, so qualify the aesthetic needed.

Titanium is the lightweight metal, highly compact, so it can withstand the forces exerted during chewing without fear of peeling or falling off porcelain crowns.

Materials with high biological compatibility, integration better with the bones and gums.

Durability comparable to natural teeth, if that be taken care of can survive long-term.

Reference: Porcelain Metal

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The limitations of Porcelain Titan

Due to the structure have the existence of metal so inevitably oxidized over time, causing the gum line black metal and have to conduct the porcelain again.

When a lamp is easy to see that black inside, not white as natural teeth.

Structure not fit with real teeth so food more susceptible, easy to encourage the bacteria growing, causing other oral pathology.

The number of visits during the treatment a lot and the time to manufacturing by Labo center is so long.

When a lamp is easy to see that black inside, not white as natural teeth When a lamp is easy to see that black inside, not white as natural teeth

The cost of Porcelain Titan at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

With Porcelain Titan, at the Dai Nam Dental Clinic cost ranges between 90 – 110 USD/ Tooth and are warranted for 6 years.

Dai Nam Dental Clinic is committed to ensure the best price for patients , but the quality of service is still the best effective.

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