Porcelain Cercon

In modern dentistry, especially technology porcelain teeth, when we mention to Porcelain Cercon nobody that doesn’t know. Porcelain Cercon is considered that one of the key and plays a very important role. The following article will explain why Cercon have a popularity and fame like that.

The structure of Porcelain Cercon

Porcelain Cercon Porcelain Cercon

Porcelain Cercon is the ceramic with no metal , typical of all porcelain teeth. With structure from the high-quality material Zirconia, outside is a thin ceramic layer. Zirconia is a semi-precious mineral, has been used for a long time in the aerospace industry. Today has been applicated in the dental industry to produce porcelain teeth thanks to solid features and the advantages of it. To be made into a complete tooth, this material must be baked at a temperature of 1300oC for several hours consecutive .

The exceptional nature of Porcelain Cercon

The biggest advantage of Cercon is the capabilitie of aesthetics, with structure both outside and inside like a real tooth, natural color and does not black the gum line over a period of use.

Interoperability with the soft tissue in the mouth, thanks to the benign nature of the whole porcelain. Although it has been put into use for decades but has not yet recorded any cases of allergy or irritation on the part of patients.

There 900Mpa tolerance, 5x teeth so ensure no affect the chewing activity. Resistant fracture  and tear from everyday chewing process.

The biggest advantage of Cercon is natural color and not black gum over a period of use The biggest advantage of Cercon is natural color and not black gum over a period of use

Reference: All-porcelain dental crowns

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The benefits of Cercon crowns

Improve the quality aesthetics perfectly for teeth , recovery optimal teeth in bad condition,or unnecessary defects.

Prevent the oral diseases such as tooth decay, bad breath, periodontitis,…

Balanced and harmonious bite. The occlusal discrepancies makes the chewing process difficult, and this is the main cause of headaches.

Finally is the mental benefits, when teeth are pretty you will comfortable talk, laugh more, easy to eat food that will impact positively on the supply of nutrients to the body.

Improve the quality aesthetics perfectly for teeth Improve the quality aesthetics perfectly for teeth

The Porcelain Cercon costs at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Now, almost the Dental Care have the Porcelain Cercon, some of them take the shoddy tooth then labeled Cercon teeth. Therefore, patients need to wisely choose a reputable dental to be treatmented  by a good qualified.

Dai Nam Dental Clinic has always put patients to the first, we are proud to be the center of prestigious porcelain, quality, supply all kinds of high-end porcelain teeth with reasonable prices, in accordance with the conditions of the patient.

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