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The Dentists considered that Implant is the best current denture methods to replace one or more missing tooth. Although it’s only developed a short time but this method is considered the great progress of dental science.

How is the Dental Implant done?

  • After doing the overall health examination; dental check-ups, the Dentists will perform minor surgery to place the implant into bone.
  • Once the implant is bonded to the jowbone, a small conector post called an abutment will be attached to the post to securely hold the new tooth.
  • A replacement tooth, called crown is attached to abutment.
  • Finally, you will have a new tooth which more perfect than what you have expected.

Dental Implant procedure Dental Implant procedure

Reference: Crown on Implant

Unexpected benefits from doing Implant

  • Implant tooth can completely replace natural tooth in terms of both appearance and function, improve a lot of eating problems by good undergoing capactity.
  • Prevent and minimize the bone loss due to tooth loss.
  • Improve oral health, limit periodontal diseases, gingivitis, caries, …
  • Implants help your jawbone structure firmer because Implant tissue regeneration and stimulate development jawbone.

Because of beautiful smile, why not try? Because of beautiful smile, why not try?

Implant Price List:

At Dai Nam Dental Clinic, Implants includes 2 parts called Implant Placement and Crown on Implant so Implant cost is devided into 2 stages.

Follow is the referance price:

Services Prices (USD)
Implant Placement Crown on Implant
cam-implant-1 Korea Implant 500 300
cam-implant-2 German Implant 700 300
cam-implant-3 French Implant 700 300
cam-implant-4 USA Implant 900 350
cam-implant-4 USA Implant – Active 1000 350
cam-implant-7 Switzerland Implant 900 350
cam-implant-7 Switzerland  Implant – Active 1000 350
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