All On Four, All On Six Method - Outstanding progress in tooth loss restorations

All on Four, All on Six is a dental implant for people who missing teeth and missing bone. This is a new step forward in the field of dentistry which has overcome the disadvantages from the old method in restoring teeth. All on Four, All on Six is guaranteed to deliver the best results in aesthetics and functional eating than real teeth.

What is the All on Four, All on Six methods?

All on Four, All on Six is a technique of using 4 or 6 implant cylinders implanted into the jaw, helping to restore the full jaw. This is considered an optimal method, saving time and money, limiting the number of surgeries than conventional solutions that appreciated by experts.

Suitable Cases for All on Four, All on Six Treatment

All on Four, All on Six methods are indicated for these cases:

  • In case of losing one or all teeth.
  • In cases of the severe periodontal disease, mandatory removal of teeth.
  • Persons who have lost their full jaw but do not want to use a removable denture.

all on four, all on six The cases are suitable for implants implant all on four, all on six

The process of implementing the All on Four, All on Six methods at Dai Nam hospital

The process of implementing the All on Four, All on Six methods at Dai Nam hospital is carried out in the following steps:

  • Step 1: General examination and receiving consultation from a specialist.
  • Step 2: Taking a Cone Beam 3D photo to check bone structure, condition, and appropriate treatment regimen.
  • Step 3: The doctor performs anesthesia to reduce the pain to help the surgical procedure is safe. Then remove the gums, bone cavity to put the implant cylinder into the jaw bone in accordance with the technique and treatment regimen.
  • Step 4: Attaching abutment and seal teeth to make dental porcelain. During this time, the patient will be provided temporary teeth to ensure the chewing process, convenient in communication.
  • Step 5: Fixing porcelain teeth on the implant, check the bearing capacity of the implant.
  • Step 6: Schedule a follow-up visit to check the healing process after implantation by All on Four, All on Six methods.

procedure implant procedures on all four, all on six

How To Look After Teeth On Implants  When Using All On Four, All On Six Methods

  • Using a soft bristle brush to clean the teeth, avoiding damage to the implants.
  • KIN mouthwash should be used early to remove bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Using a water flosser instead of a dental floss to clean your teeth.
  • Using soft foods, easy to eat such as Soup, porridge, … for the first time after implanting.
  •    Limiting the use of stimulants prevents yellowing teeth.
  •    Checking your oral health periodically to help your doctor can monitor your condition.

Dai Nam Hospital – Prestigious Dental Center

All on Four, All on Six is a relatively difficult recovery technique that requires a lot of factors that a few dentists can do. Dai Nam Hospital is one of the few facilities in Vietnam to successfully implement the All On Four, All on Six. With more than 20 years of experience, well-qualified doctors, equipped with modern equipment, … Dai Nam Hospital always brings customers the best treatment results, beautiful teeth, functional eating and drinking in long-lasting.

Especially, with its unique strengths, Dai Nam Hospital can shorten the treatment time, bring instant results when implementing the All on Four, All on Six method.

Dai Nam Stomatological Hospital Dai Nam Stomatological Hospital

Đăng ký ngay

    Doctors have more than 20 years of experience; their technical expertise is trained in countries such as England, America, France, Germany, … They will directly consult and perform full process restoration by All on four, All on six methods.

    Dai Nam Stomatological Hospital is the pioneer in equipping the most modern technology and machinery system imported directly from abroad such as CT Cone Beam 3D system, … These help doctors implant safely, successfully, accurately and achieve high results.

–    Moreover, technical operation is carried out in a sterile surgical room with closed technology, ensuring safety and avoiding the occurrence of inflammation.

    All materials made for All on four, All on Six method are imported directly from abroad that have been censored and licensed  by Ministry of Health.

    Own both a Labo center specializing in dental porcelain design and a team of professional technicians guaranteed to produce porcelain tooth rate ratio reach to European standards.

    The system of modern facilities, spacious space create comfortable feeling for customers when coming to Dai Nam Hospital.

–    Dedicated staffs always ready to support and solve all problems of customers in the shortest time.

    In particular, the implementation of restorative dentistry All on Four, All on Six at Dai Nam Hospital will be guaranteed lifetime.

    Having the best customer service like pick-up and room service for distant customers.

    On average, successful implementation of 1,000 missing teeth restoration for domestic and foreign customers. Dai Nam Hospital is happy to receive much positive feedback from customers after treatment.

The image of the customer made the All on Four, All on Six method at Dai Nam Hospital:


    Image of Mr. John Pham – Overseas Vietnamese before and after the implementation of All on Six method for the upper jaw. (results depending on the patient’s natural disposition.)


    Ms. Nguyen Hanh – Living in Danang. She is happy to restore the lower jaw with All on Four technology. (The results depend on the patient’s natural disposition.)

All on four - All on six

    After restoration of the teeth by All on Four, Mr. Pham Hung has a stronger teeth. (The results depend on the patient’s natural disposition.)

all on four, all on six

    Yap Chuan Kek – Chinese natives live in Malaysia. She has younger teeth after restoration by the All on Six method. (The results depend on the patient’s natural disposition )

Cost Of All On Four, All On Six Method

To know the details of the cost of implementing the method of All on Four, All on Six, Dai Nam Hospital has given a price list in the price list below:

Price List Implant by All on Four, All on Six Method at Dai Nam Hospital

Services Prices (USD)
Implant Placement Crown on Implant
cam-implant-1Korea Implant 500 300
cam-implant-3French Implant 700 300
cam-implant-4USA Implant 900 350
cam-implant-4USA Implant – Active 1000 350
cam-implant-7Switzerland Implant 900 350
cam-implant-7Switzerland  Implant – Active 1000 350

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