Dental care after Implant

Implant is the method recommended for people who have lost teeth due to the positive effects that it brings. This technique is done by implanting a fixed implant into the jawbone to replace the old teeth are lost.

To maintain reliability, Implant should be done by a professional team of surgical and dental care for the most appropriate star.

Immediately after implantation

Ice outside the cheek corresponding implant position continuously for 3 days Ice outside the cheek corresponding implant position continuously for 3 days

After surgery

  • Ice outside the cheek corresponding implant position continuously for 3 days. Note that not apply heat.
  • Do not eat hot food.
  • No direct brushing, chewing or biting at the site of implant.
  • Do not push the blade in the wound.
  • Not spit continuously.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Use extra mouthwash with chlorhexidine concentration helps healing quickly.
  • Should limit smoking 1-2 weeks after transplantation.
  • If you have signs such as bleeding, swollen gums, you should contact your dentist for examination and treatment.
  • if you feel critical or entanglement, the patient should return to the clinic to be adjusted, avoid hurting jawbone and porcelain teeth broken.

Reference: The risks can encountered with implants

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Maintain oral care habits

Maintain oral care habits Maintain oral care habits

Patients should have the habit of brushing every day, after every meal, combined with dental floss and mouthwash to clean teeth more effectively.

You shouldn’t  eat food too hard, can shatter porcelain crown.

Re-examined periodically by appointment every 6 months to be tested and routine dental care.

How much does Implant cost at Dai Nam Dental Clinic?

Implant cost is quite high due to imported raw materials from abroad and absolutely requires a high technical level.

Dai Nam listed the most affordable prices to patients:

Services Prices (USD)
Implant Placement Crown on Implant
cam-implant-1 Korea Implant 500 300
cam-implant-3 French Implant 700 300
cam-implant-4 USA Implant 900 350
cam-implant-4 USA Implant – Active 1000 350
cam-implant-7 Switzerland Implant 900 350
cam-implant-7 Switzerland  Implant – Active 1000 350

With long experience in serving customers oral health, Dai Nam Dental Clinic always put quality treatment and patient satisfaction to the top.

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