Beauty has always been one of our priorities conditions when we conducting treatment for patients. Therefore, the improvement of defective teeth always is something that people are interested. Orthodontics is an effective method to improve the growing deviations teeth. Dai Nam Dental Clinic always focus on investment and research in this field, constantly learning and update the new treatment methods to bring you the most optimal efficiency for your arrival.

One type of Braces One type of Braces

How do braces work?

Braces is the methods of using the same instrument orthodontic braces system mounted directly on the teeth, work together to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. But with every the structure of the bone shape will result different aesthetic.

Braces is the safe orthodontic therapy, effective applied quite widely and have many varied forms.

When should you get braces?

Teeth are crowded, messy or misplaced Teeth are crowded, messy or misplaced

  • Teeth are crowded, messy or misplaced.
  • Struggles with chewing and biting, the bite need to be fixed.
  • In case of underbite, overbite, crossbites,…
  • Sparse teeth and protruding teeth.

Reference: Take care of porcelain crowns

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How Long Does It Take to wear Braces?

Depending on the condition and type of braces that patients selected will oscillate at different time it takes.

Average, to be effective, patients should get braces in the range of 20 to 24 months.

When the teeth have been moved to the correct position, the dentist will remove the braces off and give the patient a maintenance. The retainer is about 6 months is required to adapt to new place without being moved by the process of chewing.

Patients have to complete all the steps in the therapy process to achieve a desired effect.

Caring for braces

The effectiveness of the process depends heavily orthodontic dental care to the patient.

Once started braces, dental care and even more difficult just because the food requires more highly susceptible to cause various disease problems.

Clean teeth routine is the golden rule mandatory compliance. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, combination with flossing and mouthwash to remove food residue completely that stuck on the rim and between teeth.

Limit your intake of foods that tough, hard, highly acidic because of easy oxidation the metal components and makes the wire come off.

The checked regularly scheduled periodic is extremely necessary to dentist can monitor the direction of movement of the teeth and can be adjusted problems in time.

After Braces, you will feel more confident when smiling After Braces, you will feel more confident when smiling

Why Dai Nam Dental Clinic is the top priority in the selection?

Braces are not a technically difficult but requires a meticulous and absolute accuracy to bring high effective. Therefore a good service that will help you get a complete orthodontic process smoothly without having to worry.

With many years experience in this industry, Dai Nam has made a lot of cases braces, with each adjustment results vary but patients are always satisfied.

All the Dentists at Dai Nam Dental Clinic have the good training, with a highly skilled and specialized knowledge, every shift braces are treated with care and the right technique.

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