All-porcelain dental crowns

The study of the kinds of porcelain teeth showing the remarkable of development in the technology of Dental Medicine. The all-porcelain dental crowns has provided invaluable support to the technical porcelain veneers become more complete, fully promote its role, ensuring the best interests of patients. This combination helped the porcelain teeth become more solid and durable on the jaw.

Why it is called All- Porcelain teeth?

All- Porcelain teeth and Porcelain Metal All- Porcelain teeth and Porcelain Metal

The most obvious difference of all-ceramic teeth compared with Porcelain Metal is constructed entirely of porcelain and surrounded outside by a layer thin of porcelain.

Because it is made of pure ceramic with no metal so it called that the All-porcelain teeth.

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The reasons to choose the Non-Metal Porcelain Crown

The biggest advantage that make all-porcelain dental crowns outstrips the generations of Porcelain Metal is capable of high aesthetic demands, maintain long-term without causing black gum line.

Natural color, structure like natural teeth and are not exposed the black inside when optical projection.

Completely benign substance, no irritation or allergies to the surrounding gum tissue.

Rate the lowest tooth grinding, just 0.6mm to 1.5mm, while the Porcelain Metal is 2.5mm. This feature helps teeth structure is not compromised too serious, easily affect the pulp.

Porcelain teeth with high interoperability, are not affected by acidity or erratic temperature changes during chewing.

All-porcelain crown does not irritate the gum tissue around All-porcelain crown does not irritate the gum tissue around

The type of all-porcelain dental crowns  at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

Porcelain Zirconia Crystal

Textured from Zirconia, this is high-end materials, is used much in aerospace engineering.

Zirconia ensure the rigidity features completely, ensuring convenience during chewing. Porcelain Venus

Porcelain Venus Porcelain Venus

Venus porcelain is inherited superior features from Zirconia ceramic, durability and high strength many times more natural teeth.

It have a light weight and good engagement, ensure the close fit perfectly with natural teeth.

Porcelain Cercon

Porcelain Cercon Porcelain Cercon

Cercon teeth was born with a combination of features of Zirconia and manufacturing technology dental CAD / CAM modern.

Porcelain Vita

Porcelain Vita Porcelain Vita

There are structural with pure ceramic crucible made from ceramic powders VKM strength properties up to 400 MPa.

Integrated likely superiority of porcelain teeth.

Reference: Porcelain Vita

Porcelain Emax

Porcelain Emax Porcelain Emax

This tooth type born by Lithium-Disilicate ceramic crucible furnaces at temperatures 1600oC.

Responding perfect chewing ability than natural teeth.

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Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain Veneer Porcelain Veneer

This is essentially Porcelain Veneers, thin geometry from Lithium-Disilicate or Zirconia.

This type is pasted on the outer surface of the tooth, different the methods of others  conventional porcelain.

Porcelain Cercon  HT

Porcelain Cercon HT Porcelain Cercon HT

There are quite thin structure  from Zirconium dioxide, only about 0.5mm.

This type of teeth with the most outstanding features and recommended by experts.

The cost of all-porcelain dental crowns at Dai Nam Dental Clinic

In general, these types of porcelain teeth have a common characteristics, but because there are several structures of different nature so the price will be different.

Reference Price List types of porcelain teeth at Dai Nam:

Composite Denture 15 – 20 USD/ Unit
Porcelain Denture 25 USD/ Unit
Normal Removable Denture 90 USD/ Unit
Titanium Removable Denture 130 USD/ Unit
USA 45 – 65 USD/ Tooth
Titan 90 – 110 USD/ Tooth
Zerconia Crystal 175 USD/ Tooth
Venus 220 USD/ Tooth
Cercon 220 USD/ Tooth
Vita 220 USD/ Tooth
Emax 250 – 300 USD/ Tooth
Veneer 300 – 350 USD/ Tooth
Cercon Heat (Cercon HT) 250 USD/ Tooth
Gold 520 USD/ Tooth
Normal Post 20 USD/ Tooth
Titan Post 35 USD/ Tooth
Titan & Porcelain Post 45 USD/ Tooth
Cercon Post 175 USD/ Tooth
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